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Often quicker on her feet than the average internet troll, a pixie is that clever nasty troll that manages to fool and manipulate even the smartest of forum goers.

Common trolling techniques include subtle flaws in a very offensive argument, using fallacies (see: fallacy) that aren't well known to befuddle and anger a debating audience and trolling simply by appearance, with offensive names but genuine and valid posts.

One particularly effective Pixie technique is to enter a few forums, make blatantly troll like posts to establish a reputation and then start making valid, well thought out, intelligent posts for a little while. As people invariably label her posts as trolling, she can mock them for their absurd rejection of a perfectly valid point, smearing their reputation to the new forum goers (see: noob).

The pixie then can proceed to make offensive or nasty comments, confusing the new forum goers who have learned to love or admire her and can't deal with their favorite poster shredding their self esteem.

A pixie is also skilled at changing tact within just a few posts. If she's being ignored or her methods are less effective with a different audience, she commonly has numerous other tricks up her sleeve and can immediately switch to them. Unlike most forum trolls, who tend to be one hit wonders and only have a single trolling skill (like porn spam or a certain offensive subject like white power or rape), the pixie has a plethora of knowledge, talents and ways to piss you off in every known way.
Stop responding to that pixie, guys! She's trolling the fuck out of you and you don't even know it!

Our forum had gotten hit by trolls before but I never saw that pixie coming. She had us all fooled from the very beginning.
by Saint Reputation April 18, 2009

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