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It can be used to ways. You can use it if you don't now what to say or you can use it if you don't care.
Eric: You're a fuckin lesbian junkie crack whore!
Girl: What ever!

Friend: Can I borrow your CD player?
You: What ever...
by Saint Nikki January 06, 2005
Posers who think they're punk because they buy cloths from Hot Topic and don't even know who the hell are The Clash, Romones, Sex Pistols, and black flag are. they like bands like New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Simple plan, ect. Little sterotypical bastards.
Mallpunk: Lyke Omg! I'm so punk casue I bought this wrist band from hott topic!

Being punk isn't about the way you dress, it's about beign rebelious, protesting if you don't like something, and not caring of what others think.
by Saint Nikki January 06, 2005

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