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A Mexican second. This occurs when one says they will be "a second", but end up taking much, much longer. This is in reference to the sad tale of a man who went to Mexico for two weeks in order to get his condo fixed up, and none of the Mexican workers he hired showed up on time.
Sarah is getting ready for a date with Maxwell. Max arrives and Sarah tells Max,"Wait just a second." When Sarah is finally prepared, twenty minutes have passed. Max then comments cleverly, "Wait just a second? That was more like a smecond, Sarah!" And then they laugh gaily.
by Sailor V October 13, 2006
The shortened version of smecond.
GUY 1: Just wait a sec, guys!


GUY 2: Dude, that was more like a smec!
by Sailor V October 13, 2006
A cookie that tastes very brownie-like but is not quite a brownie.
"Sarah, would you like some more crownie?"
by Sailor V November 23, 2006
A curse word used by most drama students, and others involved in the fine arts. Easily replaces most any other curse word, but it's meaning is twice as vile.
"Holy Diodati, I hate this cast list."
"I swear, I will Diodati you up!"
"Diodati! I missed my bus! Diodati it all to hell!"
by Sailor V September 20, 2005
Part of the Dudar-Cressy vocabulary, 'flash' is a word describing something cool. It equates to that of the word 'groovy' or 'bitchin', but is much less retro.
That band is so flash!
How flash was that movie, guys?!
I really like your new haircut - it's totally flash.
by Sailor V October 26, 2005
Part of the Dudar-Cressy vocabulary, 'bo diddley' is a word that comes between flash and sea shanty, meaning 'okay' - not too cool, but not too uncool, either.
I guess that shirt is bo diddley.
That movie was definitely not flash. But... it was bo diddley.
by Sailor V October 26, 2005

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