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Something that ruins ur Google Buzz experience

If Someone talks trash on ur sincerely enthusiastic post on Google Buzz, u call that trash talk a buzzkill.

OR if someone says anythin unfunny n follows it with a :p thats a buzzkill
alekhya chakrabarty - Buzz - Public
Hey guys i just won 2.5 lakhs, a bike, a fancy phone, crystal badges and a gold gleaming trophy at this international quiz!!

5 people liked this - Sahil Mehra, Asmita Singh, Varun Vashishth and 2 others

varun vashishth- Wow.. thats great news.. Marry me!! :p Seriously though, i age well..

Asmita Singh: Congrats!! Party ;) ;) ;)

Apoorv Sharma - Alekho, it was a fluke wasnt it?

That my friend is a buzzkill.. a mild one, but it makes the point..
by Sahil The LexiCon Artist February 11, 2010

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