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When Urban Dictionary first set out as a way for an unmonitored source of free ideas. People saw it as a glimmer of hope for people who could not get their ideas published and open to the public. For some time it worked, but further on down the line isolated groups of teenagers thought that everything containing swears, racial slurs, and the word sex was funny and started to post nothing but little blurbs about sex. After that, people started to use Urban Dictionary as a way to force people to see their political views and started to post their views and then turn down requests for posts that did not have the same opinion as theirs. This led to the previously stated teenagers using the same tactics as the political whores to have only their posts published. Urban Dictionary's creators felt the need to have other people pay for their web pages so they covered the website in advertisements and did nothing to help filter the flow of posts coming in constantly. Urban Dictionary has, since the beginning, dropped lower and lower until it became the whorehouse of the internet. Urban Dictionary is now a lost cause.
P1: Hey wanna go on Urban Dictionary?
P2: No, I don't want to look at millions of posts about sex.
by Sad Sad Patron June 22, 2009
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