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Willowich; A word that is used to curse at people instead of using classical curse words. This word dates back into Rome, when Romans accused women to be witches. Do use with caution because people will find out what it means.
"Yah old stinkin' willowich, that's the way it goes."
You willowich!
by Sact and Alex July 11, 2004
A company owned by Sactourism3 (Ranzar's (Alejo43) friend).
The company is known as Pinna-Gryphon Productions and it's based on flash and movie productions. Every year this company helps people they know with flash and imaging.
Pinna-Gryphon Prod.
by Sact and Alex July 11, 2004
A wonderful girl known by many people, known by Sactourism3, Ranzar (alejo43), Aznspark247 and more. She is the super admin of the pokevalley oekaki, known for the productions of pokeventures, we hope the production will be finished soon. "I can sense this production will be a great one!" -Sact3. Hopefully PinnaGryphon Prod. can take some action is this production too!
The Chari loves to comment on people's work telling them how well they did.
The chari used a flame-thrower to wake Lara up.
by Sact and Alex July 12, 2004
A wonderful runescape player known by many people including Sactourism3 and Ranzar (Alejo43). Nearly at lvl 89, she gives free rune items to poor noobs. Get yo free stuff today!
-Has met Jimbobwe (Over lvl 100)
Snowyselly7 had a rune battle axe stolen from her.
by Sact and Alex July 11, 2004
A extremely nasty girl who always ignores strangers such as sactourism3 and Ranzar (Alejo43). Always asking who Alex was, she never found out his true identity. Met in Las Vegas. Known to just have graduated from middle school. -Bebe comes from the word for butter finger bee bees and can also be a name for a nasty brand of clothing OR the metal balls that you use for ammo in a bebe gun.
The bebegurl5252 still doesn't know who Alex is!
Butter finger bebes' are good!
Fire that bebe gun!
Selling bebegurl clothes! Only $5!
by Sact and Alex July 12, 2004
A mad girl!!! Found by Sactourism3, Ranzar, and Alex. Originally known to have eaten cookies during day, all the way to night. Take caution when approaching. WARNING: Do not poison cookies! :: <-Cookie
cookie123876: skinny bird?
How can cookie123876 refuse a yummy crunchy cookie?! I don't believe it!
by Sact and Alex July 11, 2004
A refreshingly tasty place where all sorts of tropical to native fruits are blended to create the best tasting smoothies and shakes. Jamba Juice dates back in the 1960's when a man tried blending an assortment of fruits. During the process, he cut himself and yelled 'Jamba!'. But when customers tasted his new creation, it become a legend, known as Jamba Juice!

WARNING: Drinks may be so good that you will glup them down in minutes, but watch out for brain-freeze!
Jamba Juice is tasty!
Jamba Juice has many varieties!
by Sact and Alex July 11, 2004

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