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A college roommate who always spends the night on the common room couch, and never seems to set foot in his bedroom. Covers the couch in dandruff and leaves a lingering odor of nut funk. Important: this roommate does not pass out on the couch. He intentionally sleeps there; pillows, blankets and all. He may fall asleep while watching one of your DVDs. When you wake up and stumble out of your bedroom at 8 AM, he will be snoring away and the TV will be on. If you turn the TV off, he will wake up and mumble something about how he wasn't sleeping and that he was watching whatever show you turned off. If this roommate's condition is not taken care of early enough, he will move his computer and all his stuff out of his room and into the common area.
"Yo, did see you couchy out there again this morning? I know he said he wasn't sleepin', but I turned the TV off anyways."
by Sabor Sab April 23, 2006

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