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Possible answer to most questions.

When using this answer for random questions, it often adds humour to a conversation. It's best to use when you actually don't know the answer. Act like your serious at first, and then laugh about it.
Q: Whats up?
A: ya mutha

Q: What are you hungry for?
A: ya mutha

Q: What are you doing?
A: ya mutha
by SaM SKiZZy August 29, 2006
A queer country that doesn't know how to launch missiles. They just want attention, so they start launching WangDangBong 2's up in the air. "Capable of reaching the US" If it reaches the US, it'll instantly be shot down, and 10 atomic bombs will take out north & south korea. Just like the 2 that hit Japan after pearl harbor. Fuckin' right...
North Korea will end up like Japan, and have memorials for all the people that die from atomic bomb attacks. Let them keep their shit up.
by SaM SKiZZy July 05, 2006

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