2 definitions by SW Sider

1. An explative to be used when something is happening and a personal God wants to give you a taste of hell, before you go there for eternity, or an impersonal God wants to give you a taste of hell, before you go there for eternity.

2. Has NOTHING to do with sex.
1. Your U-Haul rental breaks down between Nowhere, New Mexico and More Nowhere, New Mexico. It's been eight hours without water, and you were moving your ex-wife in return for forgiving alimony in arrears. A nuclear bomb goes off with a big ball of light, but you haven't heard the sound of the blast yet, but you know you will, before you can hit the ground. You can feel your face badly sunburned already. You say, "Fuck me."

2. The U-Haul, the ex-wife, and the nuclear bomb all have NOTHING to do with sex.
by SW Sider January 01, 2006
Probably Chicago in origin, an extremely derogatory term referring to blacks, such as the black group that beat and robbed your brother on a public bus. In groups they tend to compete with each other in violence against white folk, always one cracker at a time. The lone splib tries to rape your mother alone at a CTA bus stop. Splibs, however, usually are informal and not at all gang organized, as the gangs have much more discipline, purpose, and leadership. When in splib mode, a splib never turns on another splib, but only whitey. Splib groups gel spontaneously and quickly disband after a bit of violent anarchy. It is impossible to come up with a more derogatory word. Somalia is civilized compared to the splibs.

"What happened to you?" "The fucking splibs got me." "How'd you get away?" "Well, they trashed me (folded in half and wedged into a garbage barrel) and took off with my sister." "WOW, pretty lucky!" "Yeah, that's about the first decent thing the splibs ever did."

"Hey, Mr. McGivney was robbed yesterday with a gun!" "Was it a splib?" "Naw, all the nigger wanted was his wallet."
by SW Sider January 01, 2006

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