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1. A japanese term derived from a french term referring to animation. anime=animation=cartoons

2. An excuse to watch cartoons without embarrassment and palm it off as being "appreciative of fine art," and so giving the watcher a reason to go ballistic anytime anyone utters the slightest criticism of his/her taste and/or choice of hobby.

3. An overused method of worshipping a culture one has never had any real connection with, while constantly hating and acting disgusted with the often more socially advanced culture one currently resides with(see "Wapanese," and "Filipino," at
least in reference to SoCal).
Otaku: "Hello!"

Man: "Hi, can you tell me where the nearest video store is?"

Otaku: "Anime is NOT cartoons! You f***ing uneducated pigdog!"

Man: ::fearing for his life::"never mind..."
by SPeLliNg LykE tHIs Iz LaMe May 09, 2003

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