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a lawyer who defends kids in murder cases by claiming that video games brainwashed them into doing it. Where do I start with this one?

-His license to practice law in Alabama has been revoked.

-He had several gamepolitics.com accounts, all of which were banned.

-He claims that the original Doom trained the Columbine shooters, and that Halo trained the D.C. sniper attacks, both of which statements are outrageously ridiculous when you consider how realistic those games are (I'm referring to gameplay, not graphics).

-Every email reply he sends is always something like:
"piss off you little queerbag" or "your favorite industry has been exposed on 60 minutes you fagtard" (with that same punctuation and capitalization).

-He hasn't won a single court case with his position. Where the hell does he get his money from?
Jack Thompson is a COMMUNIST!
by SPARTAN 117 November 25, 2006

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