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ok to all you idiotic yankees out there. the rebel flag is merely a symbol of southern pride and heritage. As a matter of fact Alabama has a higher academic standard than most nothern states. There are more intelligent thinkers that come from the south than anywhere else. Now down to business and to deal with all you racist, predjudice, and retarded opponents of the rebel flag. The rebel flag stands for more than you fucking yankees could ever understand. We all work low class jobs because we enjoy a simple existince. We get joy from things like NASCAR, mud riding, and playing guitar, and if you tried any of it instead of making fun of us for it, you would like it too. Down here we have more fun in our lives than any of you dumbass yankees with a pipe shoved up your asses ever will. I have a rebel flag in my room, 2 bumber stickers on my truck, a licence plate, and my seats are cover with it, and i dare you to get me to take them off. It will never happen.
Because I'm a country boy from the woods and you don't scare me and never will. Oh and to all you fucking retarded yank's out there reading this.. REDNECK DOES NOT OFFEND US, IT IS A COMMPLIMENT. The south will rise again, just as soon as that nigger Obama is president.
rebel flag is all about pride.
by SOUTHERN BAMABOY August 29, 2008

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