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JENDOG LONEWOLF jən☥dôg lōn-woŏlf

(noun/verb/proper noun/metaphor/adverb/noun gender)

1. an infinite soul on a journey throughout this life (and others) on a quest for harmony, balance, laughter, good conversation, signs painted on the path, true knowledge of Self, and freedom

• (in extended and metaphorical use) referring to behavior considered to be Universally balanced & peaceful, inner-rested, wildly energetic: (they began to voraciously embrace the Universe and its natural laws, like a jendog.)

• (with adj.) dated used to refer to a person of a specified kind in a tone of playful reproof, commiseration, or congratulation : (that's so jendog!)

• (as a verb) informal to act fairly and let the Universe choose (jendog it.)

2. a songwriting photographer from brooklyn, ny, with a photographic stash that could rival the greats, who deciphers through bulldung and loves to embed double & triple entendres within her lyrics. she's part-wolf, part-scientist, part-doctor, part-engineer, part-shaman, part-nurturer, part-warrior, full-time.

ORIGIN: old school brooklyn (specifically, Bushwick) english of Universal etymology, product of lil'one and skywolf.
i love jendog.
by SOCIETAL ALARM CLOCK March 10, 2010

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