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3 definitions by SOAD rules

The brilliant vocals in System of a Down.

Has a jolly good beard!!

A lovely poet.

Uses the phrase "and what not" a lot.

Fucking beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best singer/songwriter/poet in the world is Serj Tankian.
by SOAD rules December 23, 2003
A fucking genius on bass.

Nicely built.

Belongs to the best band to ever grace any Earth . . . . If you don't know System, then you are a retarded turd.

Goes by the name Tactic as a DJ.
Shavo Odadjian should have his own talk show for injured puppies.
by SOAD rules December 23, 2003
The dance that Serj Tankian does, because he's cool!
And at the end of the dance . . . . um it's . . .well . . . the end.
Serj rules, and so does the rest of SOAD!
by SOAD rules August 30, 2003