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paddys lamentation is a song about the Irish immigrants who came to America during the 19th century. About the Irish men and boys who as soon as they got off the boat had a rifle put in his hand, forced to fight for the union army for someone else'e freedom.
Paddys Lamentation can be heard in the movie Gangs of New York.
by SIZZLLIN April 26, 2011
so last few hits on a cigarette
Yo, bust me shortz on dat square man.
by SIZZLLIN March 02, 2011
just cuz you wearing all blue an a blue rag don't mean you false flaggin. usher be doin that shit. you just accessorizin... if your hat is kicked to the left or right (however yuh local set may claim) it don't mean you false flaggin. If you wear blue an gray dickies, k swiss, an Locs you aint false flaggin.

You start wearin your pant leg up while doin that shit and stackin like you know some knowledge THEN you false flaggin. You wearin a blue rag an won't say the letter 6 and start crip walkin then you false flaggin. It's one thing to have love fuh yuh peoples and they set, but if you aint been put in an took the beatin, or put in some work then best not false flag. you could feel some hot shit from crips for doin it or get yours by someone who really think you a crip.
yo, why tre false flaggin wit his drunk ass?

nah cuzz, you see his head all lopsided, he got put in duh otha day.
by SIZZLLIN April 21, 2011
similar to the crip walk only this is a dance style. It has the look of floating when done correctly and unlike crip walkin it has fast movements and you aint spellin nothin out. not gang related it goes for the positive, just smooth steppin to a quick pace or slow if you want. itdiots might think you crip walkin and shoot you since you either aint crip ant they think you claimin inccorrect, or a sloopty with think you crip and there you go. Clown Walk carefully brothas an sistas. this is a global thing, but developed in the U.S. who liked the style of the C walk and made something new.
Yo, why tre c walking when he aint banging

nah cuzz, he clown walkin, that shit too quick plus it aint spellin nothin. unless he chicken scratchin wit his feet.
by SIZZLLIN April 21, 2011
derogatory term for Folk Nation, used by the people
we bout to ride on dat fork, for real dough
by SIZZLLIN March 05, 2011
derogatory term for crip used by slobs since they typically to stupid to pronounce a C correctly.
dat slob just called me an e-ricket. lets wet this fool cuzz.
by SIZZLLIN March 05, 2011
a slob, flood, let they favorite color flow, ashes swept under a rug.
derogatory term used to describe gang members wearin dred red flags and bouncing with a lean to the right in the west and lean to the left in the east an midwest.
crip- yo wats crackin cuz?

other crip- strait loccin to ride on some itch ass sloopty niggas.
by SIZZLLIN April 16, 2011

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