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community resolution in progress ..but some niggas n let me say IN CALI dont fuc wit no initial shyt it all different but for the niggas misguidin ppl sayin crip got somethin to do with folks..yall a fucn lie .. throwin up a 6 u disrespectin raymond washtington n tookie and what bein a loc about ..nigga u throw up a 6 u showin luv to larry hoover he aint fuc wit locs nigga ...so why u fucn wit his shyt? who wrote yall lil knowlege shyt? not no loc so take dat in to mind...ask yo og unless his mark bytch azz ridin folks dics too yall no betta then a dead raggin h0 azz slobk
shyt nigga this kelly parc..fuc yall im done..shifty loc ..any og's dissagree with what i say ..niggas know me we can do diz crip
by SHIFTY LOC October 15, 2006

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