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Youv'e gotta see Compact Disc.
just look at the link.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 17, 2005
short for anybody w/ a 1st name starting w/ a "C" and a last name with "caf" or "caph" in it somewhere. It sounds really shibby.
Also see "C"-caff
We call Conor McCaphrey, the coolest pole-vaulting kid in school, "C"-caff for short.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 11, 2005
A word made popular by Super Troopers:
I can say "Meow"
I can say "Moo"
Hell, for Twenty-bucks, I'll call him a chickenfucker.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 16, 2005
short for chris Pierce
We call each other abbrviated names in English class, cause my teacher is dumb-shit and can't figure 'em out... HA HA!
by SHIBBY-ONE April 14, 2005
blaze-blaze is the new bling-bling
Just in case no one has noticed, blazers are coming back. Wear a blazer every Thursday if you go to school. If anyone asks why you're wearing a blazer, respond with "its a Thursday bitch. I pity da foo! Blaze-blaze!"
by SHIBBY-ONE January 31, 2006
An abbreviation of "cotton mouth", a term to describe the feeling of thirst you sometimes get in your mouth, no matter how much water you drink to attempt to quench it. It feels lie there is cotton in your mouth absorbing all of the liquid in your mouth and throat.
I went home and drank 3 shot-glasses full of pure lemon juice to try to end the cotton mouth I had.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 16, 2005
DON'T read Nikki's def of lacrosse... She's ignorant... I dunno how the hell them damn brit girls play it but we HARDCORE EASTCOAST LAX MEN sure as hell know how to play a mighty powerful lacrosse game. LACROSSE IS THE ONLY TRUE SPORT!!!
But anyway... I got a REVO-PRO head on a shibby - looking orange DIAMOND PRO shaft which cost me 185$ and has, in my opinion, the best feel for a featherweight D-stick out there, possibly the best feel 4 short-sticks too. My backup-stick is a classic REVO head on a Warrior Krypto-Pro six-footer. DON't MESS WITH LACROSSE AND DON'T MESS WITH LANGLEY! WE'RE GOIN ALL THE WAY BABY! SHIBBY!
Lacrosse is the ultimate sport of all hardcore body-contact sports. It requires extreme skill and GIANT BALLS to play. LAX is undeniably Shibby!
by SHIBBY-ONE April 11, 2005

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