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Blue Falcons - Is a group of people (labled a Blue Falcon) that are serving and former soldiers that have been issued an official Blue Falcon coin, which earns them a membership in the Blue Falcons Organization, founded in 1992 by former U.S. Army Sergeant D.R. DeBos.

Blue Falcons - Blue Falcons Organization aka; BlueFalcons.org is NOT associated with the U.S. Government, State and/or local agencies. BlueFalcons.org is a sole entity and is a private organization for novelty purposes ONLY for Army "Battle Buddies" to keep intouch for durning and after their military service.
Drill Sergeant Franko is giving PFC Smith a membership to the Blue Falcons for his performance today at the M-16 Range, he shot 2 out of 40!
by SGT Osiris September 20, 2009

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