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2 definitions by SDFrancis

A blortmanteau is a tritely-constructed or overly contrived portmanteau, designed in an attempt for cleverness and passing, if pithy, appeal. They are becoming increasingly common in the 24-hour news cycle of the early 21st Century.

A portmanteau of the slang word ‘blort’ (slang, vulg: meaning ‘to vomit, fart, ejaculate or otherwise expel matter from an orifice or use ill-considered words loudly') and portmanteau (a word created by the union of two or more words).
'You going anywhere this weekend, Bob?'
'I'm having a staycation.'
'What does that mean?'
'I'm having a holiday at home. Heard that little gem on NBC, thought I'd use it. Pretty cool huh?'
'It's a blortmanteau Bob...and as such, I now have to maim you.'

N.B. Blortmanteau is also a blortmanteau.
by SDFrancis October 16, 2009
A slang, light-hearted term for a homosexual.
'Terry's gay, y'know...'
'Get out! How do you know?'
'I shagged him.'
'Get out!'
'Honest, dolly. He's 100% cackpipe cosmonaut.'
by SDFrancis October 17, 2009