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2 definitions by SCmder Thor

1. A persons name

2. An insult to women; commonly meaning unintelligent and/or ignorant
1. Sarah Palin the former governor of Alaska; also one of the unofficial leaders of the Teabag party

2. "That bitch cheated with my husband! She's such a Sarah Palin!"
by SCmder Thor April 14, 2010
22 12
1. An alternate word for happy

2. A term used for someone who is homosexual

3. The most horrible insult you can call someone
1. "I'm feeling gay today."

2. "Hey, you know Bob? Yeah apparently he's gay, who knew?"

3. "Z0MG TAhTS S0 FuKKNG G4Y Y0U GHEY P3RS0N!11!!!111!!0NE!!!11!!1!11!"
by SCmder Thor April 14, 2010
13 82