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A hillbilly step-mother's term for a curly overgrown hairy outside of a female's vaginal area.
Whal, you cain't wear that to the pool, everbody's gonna see yer wooly booger from a mile away.
by SA Step October 13, 2010
Facebook Family Trouble: When a person posts a seemingly innocent comment on Facebook, then one of their family members sees it and turns into a confrontation and public humiliation.
Carl Smith "at the San Diego zoo with my beautiful wife for a peaceful getaway"

Cindy Smith Jones "Oh Really?! You're in San Diego and you didn't tell me? I live two minutes from the beach! Why didn't you tell me you were coming to CA? I have to let Mom and everybody know you're in town. You better come by my house before you go! We're still ticked off about Christmas and have a bone to pick with you. Bring wife #5 too so we can see if she's good enough for you! What's her name again? Does she know you can't have kids after that 'accident' with the vacuum?"

Carl Smith "total FFT, Cindy! Freaking chill out...and we're not going to your house!"
by SA Step July 02, 2011
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