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When you wake up with a morning boner and you have to shit and pee at the same time, So you sit down to shyt but your morning boner wont fit into the toilet.
Friend: Yo, wheres your bathroom?
Me: In the back to the left.
Friend: Fool there is piss everywhere!!!
Me: I couldn't help it man... I had a Columbian Stiffy this morning!
by S3XU@L CH0C0L@T3 March 01, 2009
A girl who is only attractive do to her slutty appearance and easiness, knowing the chances of rowdy sex with no effort needed is highly possible.
Me: You see that girl over there man!?
Friend: Yea she's pretty.
Me: I wouldn't go that far, she is sluttractive though.
by S3XU@L CH0C0L@T3 November 22, 2010
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