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Ireland the Island is formed by the 26 Counties of the Republic of Ireland and the War-Torn 6 Occupied Counties of the U.K., Northern Ireland, Ulster, Etc. Contrary to American and British belief we don't eat potatos to the extent we used to in the 1800s, We don't all drink Guinness (I do though, just sayin'), and We aren't all farmers with exaggerated Cork Accents. Although theres still violence in the North is has diminished but If you know any this about Irish History and her Rebellions we have a good 10-20 years at the most before we see another war with Britain. Most guys in Ireland love our Football, Rugby, and Gaelic Football, We are extremely proud of our National Rugby team, not so much our National Football Team, The Scottish Celtic Football Club is a really liked team down south, I'm a bit of a fan my self. Fun Fact there are more Irish in America and Australia than in Ireland itself you can thank the Brits for that. Some more misconceptions WE HAVE OUR OWN LANGUAGE, yes any it sound crazy that some people (Americans) Don't know it. LEPRECHAUNS ARE NOT REAL , NO Americans, NO! They arn't real ok.
Real Conservation with American at Petrol Station While on Holiday in Florida

Me: And how much would that be, Like?
American:...Hey Dude whats your accent?
Me: Dubliner-Irish
American: WOOOO!!!
Me: *Ears Recovering from loud reaction*....
American: My Great Great Aunt on my moms side is Irish shes from Glasgow!
Me:Glasgow's in Scotland.....
American:Scotland, Ireland Same thing!....
Me:*Thinking: no, no its not.*
American:...hey can you say something Irish?!?!?
Amercian: Irish Say Something Irish
Me:Téigh trasna ort féin
American:Thats not Irish thats Gibberish!
Me:Yea it is Irish you said Irish....
American:No thats Gibberish
Me:Fuck off keep the fuckin' change
Me: *Walks out of Store*
by S.Devlin February 20, 2013

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