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Somebody who feigns expertise in a subject by using Google, Wikipedia, or other internet sources, without citing them. Generally synonymous with internet faggot, but can be used in polite company. Often preceded by "friggin'". Always used sarcastically.
John, when I googled "supermassive black holes" I found a Wikipedia article that matched your post word-for-word. You're a real friggin' internet genius, aren't you?
by S Weitzenhoffer April 09, 2007
An internet whore who preys on unhappily married male losers. After luring them to her trailer and draining them of their finances, she kicks them out and resets her trap. She is a frequenter of conservative political forums, and makes a mockery of "conservative family values", as her greatest thrill is seducing fathers away from their kids.
RedNeck Woman, you are such a whore! I can't BELIEVE you snookered Daveman, too!
by S Weitzenhoffer April 09, 2007
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