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A person who is only interested in him or herself, devoid of empathy, or concern for others, or, for the environment, i.e., as long as I get what I want for me and my family . . .
Usually a very shallow person, whose every wish/need is fulfilled instantly, if possible, regardless of who/what is damaged in the process. These people are thoughtless and grasping, use the words "like", "well, actually" in every sentence, and can be found driving 15 miles over the posted speed limit in a 6,000 lb. SUV, while talking on a cell phone and eating, because they are late.
by S D Observer July 23, 2005
In which occupant is entombed, from remaining in their vechicle for hours/days on end.
She looked good, didn't she, as she went from place to place, talking her cell phone in her carsophagus. Unfortunantely, however, she missed her real ife.
by S D Observer August 03, 2005

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