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the loverhood is a not-so-secret society of beautiful people, mostly female. members of the loverhood share a unique bond of love. they are unified by a special, specific, undisclosed object.
the loverhood is good to me. remember the tpb.
by s February 19, 2005
When you are about to cum after doing a girl in the butt, so you spit on her back, then she turns around and you spit in her face, then cum in her butt-hole.
She'll be shitting cum-balls tommorow after i gave her the double fake out.
by s December 23, 2004
We were so ripped afetr the party
by s September 14, 2003
a male named nate who constantly sends his friends hyperlinks to the Urban Dictionary and any picture he finds containing fecal matter.
"Nate Woodward is a Nasty Nate"
by s March 12, 2003
It's the moist outcome of when you have shat your pants good and proper and a small trickle of the foul-smelling liquid runs down your leg
I was on my way to work and I knew I wouldnt make it on time to dispose of the liquidy content of my bowels. Needless to say, my left leg was covered in dripling by the time I reached the office
by S March 15, 2005
A lover of all things Captain27 and anything zoom zoom.
autoracer's secret passion is all about the zoom zoom
by s February 26, 2005
To acquire cash for fly gear by trickery or thievery
I needed new shoes so I busted out some creative financing on my bitch ass moms
by s June 18, 2004

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