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2 definitions by RyuNoZonbi

A level, dungeon or mission on a game that is extremely difficult to get through or complete and is often accompanied by "man, you just got raped"
Rev: Man im stuck on this mission
Draco: Yeah your gonna get raped that's a real Rape Dungeon
by RyuNoZonbi May 28, 2010
77 37
Usually used in online Role-Playing games HAX Mode refers to when one makes oneself invincible and almost god-like can be seen in other online games or even in real liffe situations as well.
Dude 1: OMG he just blocked my ultimate laser
Dude 2: Duh he's in HAX Mode you idiot

Another Example is

Dude 1: Dammit Uryuu Ishida used Quincy Final Form
Dude 2: Yeah your about to be owned he just went into HAX Mode
by RyuNoZonbi May 28, 2010
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