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There are so many different definitions to this phrase...

1) To go out with; date

2) To make out with, without dating the person; not considered cheating

3) To make out with, without dating the person; considered cheating

4) To have sex with

5) To recieve a great favor/deed done for you

6) To go out with a person (on an outing, not considered dating)
1) I wanna hook up with Nina!

2) Jessie and Fred hooked up last week.

3) Gregg was pissed off when he found out Morgan hooked up with John

4) Chelsea and Pete hooked up at a party and Chelsea ended up getting pregnant.

5) Thanks for hooking me up with these concert tickets!

6) I saw my old friend Tammy in the grocery store, so we hooked up and went to the mall to hang out.
by Ryly Shea July 23, 2008

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