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The maximum number of characters allowed in a tweet, which is a single message on the Twitter social network.

This 140 character limit has given rise to a twitter-based expression derived from 411. "The 411" being a phrase that means "information," "summary," or "low-down," 140 is the Twitter equivalent. You could say "The 140" is the twitter equivilant of "the Reader's Digest version;" it's the summary or gist of something that can fit within the bounds of a tweet.
Charlie: @Echo Hey, did you hear about that newfangled thing?
Echo: @Charlie No, I didn't. What's the 140?
Charlie: @Echo It's harder better faster stronger!
#twitter #140 #the 140 #tweet #one forty
by RyanMichael June 29, 2009
The act of releasing a vaporware software title only to receive widespread critical vitriol. Based off the phrase nuke the fridge, which was the moment in the fourth Indiana Jones movie where the franchise too a sharp turn for the dumbtacular.
The developers of Prey were worried they might Duke the Fridge, but that game actually turned out pretty decent.
#nuke the fridge #duke nukem #nuke #dookie #duke
by RyanMichael June 14, 2011
The act of drinking a beer that you did not believe you'd ever tasted before, only to realize at some point while drinking it that you have, in fact, had that beer before. This is not to be confused with drinking a beer blindly and realizing what it is. It is the act of tasting a beer, with full knowledge of what kind it is, but with the belief that it was one you'd never had before.

This happens frequently to beer geeks who either keep poor tasting notes, are forgetful, or who just drink too much beer.
That beer sounds good, let me try that. (sips) Holy beerja vu! I've had this beer before, it's one of my favorites! Wow, how did I forget about this one?
#beer #alcohol #deja vu #memory loss #liquor
by RyanMichael November 07, 2009
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