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Highly HIGHLY addictive game. I have been playing for around two years, my friend has been playing for about 4, and I have alot better items than him. He has to ask me for stuff. I spend most of my day on that game, from the time I get home from school to the time I go to bed. (2:30 PM to 11:00 PM eastern time) Only time I ever get off that game is if I have something better do.....like have sex.
Me- I'm playing Diablo 2, wasting my life, losing grades.....but I'm having fun.
Girlfriend- Want to have sex?
Me- Oh yes....after I finish this run....
by Ryan......or is it? March 22, 2006
Most people in the Earth. Such as the people that say, "Praise 'God' and follow the Ten Commandments." Then they turn around and say I hate my parents, or I wish I had my Neighbors Girlfriend, and then curse and argue and think they are always right. I am not a holy man, but I've read the bible countless times, just because it is a good action story. Another example of idiots is those of no common sense, and those that judge by look than by characteristics.....Stupid people, they are the only ones that do not deserve life.
Idiots 1 and 2- You're a loser! Now I'm going to go listen to Dashboard confessionsals cause they speak of everything I am, just like every other band.
Me- I'm the loser because I do things with my life then cry?
by Ryan......or is it? March 22, 2006

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