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sexual term - how it all started... So during a college football game back in the fall of 2005, November 19th to be exact. A television commentator made a comment saying "he really bulldogged him". No one in the room knew what that exactly meant... so Ryan and Angelo looked at each other and said we were going to give a definition to "BULLDOGGIN". We didn't know what exactly but we would know when it happened. So later that night after the bars, 2 college freshman girls, Julie and Brooke, ended up at our apartment somehow. We all ended up in the same bedroom and both had sex simultaneously in the same bed. The next morning, after we took the girls home, we both looked at each other and said... "that was some crazy BULLDOGGIN we did last night"... oh and if you're wondering, yes we were BULLDOGGIN the very next weekend with another 2 girls. BULLDOGGIN!!!
"I know these 2 girls that wanna go out tonight, they seem like they would be down for some BULLDOGGIN"

"may the bulldogg be with you"
"and also with you"

by Ryan and Angelo October 09, 2008

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