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Stemming from the word "hax" and "hardcore." Can be used in the place of both of these words. Usually positive re-enforcement when one has done something particularly outstanding. May or may not have to do with computing.
Ryan: Man, imma install freebsd now.
Kyle: ya?
Ryan: ya.
Kyle: Haxcore yo'

Ryan: I totally just made koolaid!
Kyle: Can I have some?
Ryan: Sure!
Kyle: Haxcore!
#hax #hardcore #hack #awesome #o'zang
by Ryan R January 19, 2006
An acronym for "You're pretty much fucked." Mainly used to describe a person that is currently in a particularly dire or unfortunate situation.
Chris: Hey dude, my Subaru broke down in the middle of the street!
Ryan: Sorry Chris, YPMF.
#fucked #fubar #fucked up #oh shit #o'zang
by Ryan R September 12, 2009
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