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the skin that surrounds the nipple on a woman, the bigger the better
That girl had some huge aereolas, and they tasted so good, so I sucked on her tits all night and she moaned all night
by Ryan Paxton October 15, 2007
Jenkem is made by putting shit mixed with urine in a bottle and and covered with a balloon and left out in the sun for several hours or days until fermented, the contents or the bottle will separate and release a gas which is captured in the balloon Inhaling the gas is said to have a high similar to that of cocaine, but with strong hallucinations, it originated in Africa, and is used in America, only by retarded little shit kid middle schoolers who don't know how to get real drugs so they resort to huffing poop
retarded 6th grader- wAnTSa gO Do sUm JEnKeM Is Reelli GOOoD ThIs COooL 7th GrADeR wHoSe pArEnTs gOt dIvOrIcEd tOlD Me tHaT It GeT yOu SOOoooOO hIgH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
reatrded 6th grade girl-- OooOOOHhhH THaT SoNdS SOOOoo cOoOoL!!!!!!!!11 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! wEZ bOuT tO gEtZ wAsTeD BaBii!!!!!
by Ryan Paxton November 19, 2007

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