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Founder of Protestantism and bestselling author of On The Jews and their Lies (seriously a real book, just look on Wikipedia). And P.B.S. really likes him.
Martin Luther is the big daddy of Protestantism.
#protestant #anti-semetism #adolph hitler #protestantism #christianity #nazi
by Ryan Patrick Rafiel LaHiff May 25, 2007
As the head of the United Kingdom, England is considered many things. They are the U.S.'s greatest ally, which is good. They produce great actors and writers. They just need to learn when to drop useless traditions such as the social puppet Queen Elizabeth, who is basically the centre of all Anglophilia(except for the fact that she chooses the Prime Minister), and the fact that everyone can be on line for the throne but Catholics because they fear the Papacy and its filthy Papists (like me, so I guess I cannot be King
:( ). They also need to give back the land they invaded across the sea and to the north and west. Also, like everywhere else on the British Isles, the weather is beautiful with rain and fog.
I went to England for a scone.
#england #the united kingdom #uk #u.k. #queen elizabeth
by Ryan Patrick Rafiel LaHiff May 25, 2007
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