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to give some a lexing is to spin a series of lies to them, many of which should be about yourself, in order to make them like/respect you, and particluarly to sleep with you.
Cornelius gave Mary-Sue a lexing, and as a result succesfully laid her ass.
by Ryan M Miller June 28, 2005
1.Sexual intercourse, from male perspective, achieved with a girl.

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2. a competition between males whereupon each new sexual partner attained by a given male is acknowledged by a pin staked into the man's bedroom door.
1. Ayrton was pleased when he had a stinpake with Victoria, even if his performance was disappointing.

2. Ayrton, Chard and Dave were living together for a year, so decided to participate in pinstake - Dave lost with a score of 1 as he got a girlfriend early on. Chard won with a score of 5, narrowly defeating Ayrton's 4.
by Ryan M Miller June 28, 2005

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