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The act of situating that fine lady of yours--while in the splits position--on your rod and spinning her around in circles. Named for the motion's resemblence to the rotation of helicopter blades.
Guys! Guys! We finally did it! Mildred got on me last night and I totally gave her a ride on the swellicockter! Man, she spun around like a TOP!
by Ryan M K March 23, 2007
The result of the completion of the following steps:

1) Man eats woman out while she's on her period
2) Woman gives man head

*Note: man keeps vagina blood in his mouth and woman keeps semen in her mouth

3) Both man and woman make out with a white and red combination of period blood and semen
Baby, that was a great dinner. Let's wrap things up with some delicious oral sex, then refresh ourselves with with a nice peppermint swirl. You get to keep it, this time.
by Ryan M K March 23, 2007
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