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2 definitions by Ryan L.

The below is the creedo of the antipop crusader. It in itself is an excellent definition of what antipop is.

Then the seventh seal, that bore the emblem of mtv, was broken and unto the earth was brought the ultimate evil. that evil was known as pop culture. the ruiner of our friends, family, and chldren. Fear pop. Fear all that is aligned with pop. We, the punks and freaks, must end this rein of terror. We must kill pop....
Aaron Robinson is an excellent example of antipop.
by Ryan L. May 11, 2003
11 8
A clusterfuck of lassiter students who like to spend the entire day with band fags. they get enjoyment out of practicing, and get boners when they play a note in tune. see cult
Band fag # 1: Hey man i just got a new trombone
band fag # 2: Jinkies, that is the one i wanted for christmas. u lucky duck!
by Ryan L. December 15, 2004
28 50