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3 definitions by Ryan Allen

a type of dance found in DC/Maryland go-go's; This is DC/marylands exclusive dance don't go around sayin u made it up.
Person1: You goin to the gogo.
Person2: Fo Sho ima be beatin my feet.
by Ryan Allen March 07, 2004
v. To hit with immense force, most often with a punch;

This term is most often used by lower-class African Americans when two, or more, people engage in combat.
Dat nigga got skraight snuffed, cuz!

We 'bout to snuff dat nigga who dissed on you las' week!
by Ryan Allen November 14, 2004
Fo Sho; Fo Sheezy; White Person- For Sure
Person1: Are you goin clubin.
Person2: Fo Shaggity
by Ryan Allen March 07, 2004