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When a person has too much to say but all ends up sounding like SHIT !
Shut that stool mouth, you aint got nothin' to say but SHIT all the time!!
by Ryan Neil September 07, 2006
An acronym that best defines the (proffesional time wasters)
in all their glory. The word acts as a label used in retail to describe the fuckers that ask for a 3 page quote, but never return to buy.
Ryan :Hey Neil, don't waste your time on that Fuck-head he's a total P.T.W !

Neil :Thanks for the heads up man, i almost quoted him !

Ryan: That's what friends are for, dude!

Neil: should we kick his ass...?
by Ryan Neil September 06, 2006
The Quota employee is usually the least knowldgeable, least intellegent, least valubale, most annoying, most protected and biggest P.T.W in the company. The only real prerequisite when aplying for the "Quota employee" position is that you be BLACK and preferably, the dumbest one in your tribe.
Hey Neil, The Quota employee got another salary increase- and apparently his loyne cloth is on backwards this morning !

Neil: Let's kick his ass!!
by Ryan Neil September 07, 2006
This word relates the previously diadvantaged kaffirs that do their weekly shopping Pro-bono by putting whatever they have on their shopping list into their underwear when no-one is looking and using their skin colour as a valid reason for being a victim of circumstance i.e Lazy P.T.W
Ryan: Keep an eye on those two affirmative shoppers over there, They already got a quote from me !

Neil:Should we kick their asses...?
by Ryan Neil September 07, 2006

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