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A unique minx that possesses a rare mixture of sass, class, spice & style, known only to those select few who are lucky enough to stumble across her path. Part legend, part urban myth.... once a year people gather in large open spaces (beaches, parks, lakes) to try and catch a glimpse of their local Draughn. To find her is rumored to bring great luck to the finder.
Man, I hope I get to find the Draughn this year, I hear she's one lucky fox.
by Rya Riot February 08, 2010
Female Mime Hunter. Wiley, Cunning.. mildly tolerant. Likes whiskey, gambling and whores usually, but can often times be found in a deep meditative state.... warrior like.
this mime population is getting out of control, we need a rya.... i'll get the whiskey.
by Rya Riot February 04, 2010

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