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1) A completely self-absorbed, useless asshole with shit for brains;

2) A person so irredeemably stupid that their idiotic behavior causes pain to everyone that they interact with.
My neighbor's such a fucking dickweed.
by Rusty616 October 11, 2006
A person who has a sigificant conceptual, behavioral, or intellectual impairment that makes it impossible for them to understand or use even the most rudimentary of electronic devices.
Jack can't even program his remote control or the speed dial in his cell phone--what a technotard!
by Rusty616 October 09, 2006
The word to describe the combined body part created when one shoves their head up their ass.
He's got NO I.Q., he's a walking brainus.
by Rusty616 November 12, 2006
A huge turd, comprising nearly the entire contents of the large intestine, that gets deposited in one piece and coils around the bowl a few times.
Guess I'm eating enough fiber, 'cause I almost clogged the damn toilet with that rectal reptile!
by Rusty616 October 09, 2006
Head Up The Ass syndrome. Living or acting (especially while driving) in such a way that any sane person would easily conclude that you've clearly got shit for brains.
1) Most drivers in Miami have an incurable case of HUTA; 2) "Pull your head out of your ass, dickweed, the view's nicer out here!" is commonly shouted at drivers with HUTA.
by Rusty616 October 10, 2006
Squeezing and pinching at the same time while taking a huge hairy dump to compress it so that it doesn't rip your asshole on the way out.
The pain made me squinch just in time, or I would have had to get a chopstick to dig that turd out.
by Rusty616 November 11, 2006
A peculiar type of long, wet fart that can only made while engaged in the mutual joys of picking your nose and taking a huge hairy dump. It makes you laugh hard--the ultimate multi-task.
I heard Steve's loud shtork through the bathroom walls and he laughed so hard that he fell off the bowl!
by Rusty616 November 11, 2006

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