2 definitions by Rusty Walnuts

To approach a girl from behind, yank down her pants or lift her skirt, and insert two fingers in her pink and one in her stink, but instead finding a penis.
I saw this awesome looking chick from behind last night, but when I Trevor Rolfed her, she was a he and he belted me.
by Rusty Walnuts October 17, 2009
When your girlfireind comes home with a nice hot cup of Tim Horton's coffee and has been holding on to it for 20 minutes or more, her hands are very warm, borderline hot, and she reaches into your pants and jerks you off. Almost feels like the real thing.
Michelle came home from Timmie's late last night, climbed into bed and gave me a Timmietug and I blasted her in the face.
by Rusty Walnuts May 15, 2012

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