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A system made when Bill Gates realised he didn't have enough money.
Since programmers didn't like the XBox when is was announced, Microsoft bought a bunch of companies to make exclusive games, such as Bungie and Rareware.

Also, the system in competition with the Playstation 2 for people who only buy EA sports games.
Halo was originally going to be for Mac, GCN, and PS2.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
A very talented musician. Dave has preformed with bands such as Nirvana whom he played drums for, Queens of the Stoneage who he drummed with, and his own band, the Foo Fighters, where he plays guitar and sings lead vocals. He also has drummed with Nine Inch Nails and headed the heavy metal project Probot.
Dave Grohl has played with a LOT of bands.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
Someone who plays drums well. They are as essential to rock music as guitarists if not more. Drummers, along with Bass players, rarely get as much attention as singers and lead guitar players.
Mike Portnoy is an amazing drummer.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
The second album by the revolutionary grunge group, Nirvana. The album included major hits such as Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, In Bloom, and Lithium. Other songs were Breed, Polly, Territorial Pissings, Drain You, Lounge Act, Stay Away, On A Plain, and Something In the Way. Also, some copies feature a 'hidden' track, Endless Nameless.
Nevermind changed music forever.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
Nirvana's third single off of their revolutionary 1991 album, 'Nevermind'.
The video for In Bloom is hilarious.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
A very crappy 'artist' in the very crappy rap genre. 50 cent can also very fittingly mean as far off key musically as possible.
50 Cent sucks old man balls.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
Nintendo's 2006 console that will focus on gameplay first and graphics second, though will probably excell at both. This is contrary to the PS3 and XBox 360, which will only have graphics as a selling point, lacking gameplay. Also offers the ability to download classic games from previous Nintendo systems.
The Revolution is the best new system, but will be outsold because the other systems are more 'ghetto' and 'hip'.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005

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