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A tiny ass town near San Antonio. This town is full of posers and douchebags that think they're ghetto. These dumbasses wouldn't know ghetto if it popped cap in their asses. A majority of the ethnic population are Mexicans who can't speak Spanish and think they're chulos and chulas because they flaunt a fake accent and falcon claw nails.

Most of the population consists of sluts, guys who think theyre 'gangsta' and religious hypocrites. Nobody here seems to possess any manners. These assholes give Texas a bad name. For a small town, a stereotypically polite area, it sure is the rudest and most unpleasant place anyone will ever have the displeasure of visting.

There is positively nothing, I mean nothing, to do in this town. I digress. Theres a movie theatre but its a bigger piece of shit than what Im typing out. So, without any activites, a majority of the teens and whatnot get pregnant before you can say Juno and haphazardly morph into bland, resentful drunks--much like their forefathers.

They also nick-named the town "Flo-Town". (In order to appear mad gangsta but just look like pure dumbasses to surrounding towns)
Floresville sucks ass.

Floresville is full of rude Mexicans, lets go to La Vernia where there are racist white people.
by Rustic Chantilly July 29, 2011

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