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An osbcure country whose name is not important - usually used to counter the argument of the poor oppressed people of... Whogivesafuckistan
Example 1:

"Do you know that those sneakers you're wearing were made in a sweat-shop where children earn less than 10 cents a day?! You should be shamed of yourself!"

"Dude, all I care about is that I have some pimping pumps, not some kid in Whogivesafuckistan who can't afford to by a pair of shoelaces.

Example 2:

"Nice scarf Alice! Where did you get it?"

"Charles got it for me for my birthday. Its znot fur imported from Whogivesafuckistan."
by Rustee John April 16, 2008
Similar to "What the Jesus?" but used in times of immense anger where no other words can come to mind.
Example 1:

After being cut off at highspeed on the freeway:

"What the Jesus Christ man?!"

Example 2:

After one walks in to find a significant other cheating:

"Honey this is not what it looks like"

Reaching for gun:

"What the Jesus Christ man?!"
by Rustee John April 16, 2008
A girl who will resort to promiscuous or flirtatious behaviour to get help, advice or anything else she wants from a helpless male victim. Once achieving her goals ("sucking him dry"), the penis vampire ignores the poor sod, treating him like a total stranger.
Male 1: Wow, I'm so bummed out, I thought I had a chance with Emma

Male 2: Why what happened?

Male 1: She asked me to help her study for philosophy and she was all flirty and I thought I was in but after the exam, she totally ignored me.

Male 2: That Penis Vampire sucked you dry!
by Rustee John January 15, 2008
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