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Dubious "graduate" degree granted by cynical, money-hungry institutions of "higher learning" for purposes of allowing holder to pose as a scholar, academic, or other fashionably trendy charlatan whilst offering the chosen "field" of inquiry absolutely nothing in terms of serious intellectual achievement or advanced understanding. Fake Ph.D.'s subsequently engage in the absurd high wire act of passing themselves off as elitists, albeit at the cost of plying the charade at any number of bottom-feeding universities and junior colleges, oftimes with little in the way of real teaching duties or responsibilities. The scam is further perpetuated by innumerable junkets to fraudulent "academic" conferences (with other fake Ph.D.'s, of course!) for the purpose of inflating an already thin curriculum vitae (C.V.),in hopes of achieving a higher salary and "tenure". What published work exists often appears in third-rate journals or failing political rags, often run by other fake Ph.D.'s to perpetuate the sordid industry whilst satisfying the publishing requirement. Recipients of fake Ph.D.'s NEVER abide by traditional requirements (i.e., learning ancient Hebrew, Latin, Greek AND a current foreign language; years of intense, overseas study with a noted mentor or expert in the field; real academic and teaching responsibilties as a novice instructor or lecturer, et al) and as such, are justifiably ridiculed, scorned, and shunned by the bona fide academic community. Sadly, some reputable institutions in recent times have put up with and even contributed to this sham because of a dire need for revenue sources (to fund authentic research, perhaps?) and fake Ph.D.'s, however dubious their claims, pay precious tuition dollars for such distinction. In turn, they get to flatter their egos and personal vanity pretending to be scholars, whilst shamelessly stealing ideas and work product from their unknowing students and colleagues, thus further degrading themselves and the "junk academic" market they operate in. This whole serpentine phenomenon has largely come to pass courtesy of the persistent immigrant myth that a college degree is a desirable thing to obtain and, forthwith, the degree-granting industry has been considerably dumbed down by market forces to make that ideal possible for the average consumer. Personally, I think fake Ph.D.'s exist because they miss their own undergraduate days, they perceive an easier life (living as perpetual adolescents who never quite grow up), and they want to get laid by their more attractive students. Try to stay young, hip, and sexy forever! Pathetic.
Charlotte decided to attend a more reputable and academically challenging private college in the Northeast as opposed to accepting a full tuition-paid scholarship from a nearby commuter college as there were persistent rumors that the more local school abounded with fake Ph.D.'s thereby renedering a degree from such institution essentially worthless.
by Rustbelt Jones March 22, 2008

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