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1. A Geek who doesn't look like a geek, but more of an athlete. 2. Someone who loves to take part in StarTrec and Star Wars conventions but just doesn't fit in due to their aggressive look and build. 3. A nerd that can not be pushed around.
I have a Power Geek friend at school, but no one messes with him because he would demolish them for trying!
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007
"Prostate much?": 1. To partake in male anal delight. 2. The act of anal sex between 2 males; or a man and a woman with a dildo or strap-on. 3. To stimulate the male prostate gland.
Used in a sentence: (Partner 1) Prostate much? (Said to partner 2). (Partner 2) By what do you mean? (Partner 1) Let me greeze your hole so I can show you. (Partner 2) The pain is unbearable! (Partner 1) Shut up and let me finish. (Partner 2) I feel dirty.
by Russell Sheppard September 21, 2007
An Ugly Debonair is a man who is not only visual ugly, but also mentally and emotionally ugly as well. These types of guys would be considered a -1 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 Being The Best Catch). Even though these types of guys are extremely ugly; they still get the hottest of woman because they are confident and carefree. Which women tend to be very attracted to.
(Man 1) I just don't get it. John Doe is the type of ugly that normally dies at birth, but he keeps getting hot women! (Man 2) Yeah I know; he treats them like dirt and for some reason they like that. (Man 1) Why though? He is just a fake-ass Ugly Debonair!!!
by Russell Sheppard August 04, 2008
A Stereo Chick; meaning Stereotype; is a woman who bases her looks completely on what is common. Instead of trying to be herself. She chooses to look generic and bland. This look normally entails the Blond Stereotype Look, IE: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Fake Breasts, Golden Tanned, with comically large Lip Implants. The Blonde Stereotype Look is very common in the USA. Due to the fact that it is so common; this just makes the look boring and makes every woman with this look seem bland. A Stereo Chick doesn't necessary have to follow the Blonde look; it is just any woman conforming to a set look, instead of being different and unique.
Man, there must be a million web sites with Stereo Chicks on them! I can't tell one of these blonde Stereo Chicks apart. So why do people keep bothering to view these sites? If you have seen 1 naked Blonde with big fake lips and breasts, then you have seen pretty much all of them. Same-Old, Same-Old.....
by Russell Sheppard July 31, 2008

(Anywhere I Live Is A Ghetto) Pronounced: Ah-Will-A-Go

This refers to the fact that anyone can claim to live in some kind of Ghetto. If in one part of town houses are sold for 1 million, while in another it is only $300,000; then people living in the cheaper part of town can claim they live in the Ghetto. This is incorrect. Ever since the popularity of rap exploded back in the early 1990's, the term "Ghetto" is now used by many as a Status-Word. Meaning they survived the worst and came out on top. An Example of AWILIAG is Becky Johnston, AKA Buckwild from VH1's reality show Flavor of Love. Becky claimed to be from the Ghetto of Upland, California. Upland, California is a Middle-Income community with a relatively low crime rate based on the number of persons living there. Hence, it is NOT considered a Ghetto. Now a days more and more people are claiming to have been raised in so-called Ghetto's, hoping to adjective some level of notoriety and respect for it. It should be pointed out that just because a person was raised in a so-called Ghetto, does not mean they had to endure any hardships. So like so many other words, the word Ghetto no longer holds a valid meaning.
(Man 1) Bro, you can't hurt me dude! I was raised on the streets of the Ghetto! (Man 2) Your a total AWILIAG! You were raised by your grandmother in Silver Bow Montana! You were home school for god sakes! (Man 1) Yeah, but we only had 1 TV, that's Ghetto.... (Man 2) Ahh yes, your scares must go deep from that trauma...
by Russell Sheppard July 12, 2008
Bobby-Tommy is a term used when referring to the made up names foreign Customer Care reps are forced to use when dealing with American, European, Canadian and any other English speaking nation. Outsourced Customer Care (CC) for short, is mainly outsourced to places like India, China, and the Philippians. Where their native names are not as commonly used elsewhere in the world. So companies give these employees Bobby-Tommy's. Example: A name of Yashodhara Abhay would be given an Americanized name of Bobby Smith. This trick is suppose to help the customer feel like they are not dealing with outsourced labor, but it rarely, if ever works.

Well I left my wireless carrier today. I was stuck on hold for an hour and ended up speaking with yet another Bobby-Tommy. I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but they somehow managed to mess up my account again. Do these companies really think giving a name Jennifer Warner to someone that could barely speak English would fool me into thinking I was speaking to an American?
by Russell Sheppard July 11, 2008
A Coin Toss Fan, also known as a Fairweather fan; is a sports fan that doesn't remain loyal to any set Sport, Athlete, or Team. They base their respect on who is the best at that time. These fans are considered to be the lowest form of sports fan, since they don't remain loyal to any set Athlete or Team. This causes their ticket, brand, and product purchases to be erratic. These fans can been seen in any sports forum, where they praise an Athlete today, then bash them tomorrow. These fans are most notably found in the sports of MMA and Boxing; where titles change often. Where the pressure of a win or loss is placed on the shoulders of one Athlete, instead of a team. With the expansion of MMA, these Coin Toss Fans have caused considerable trouble in MMA forums that have a mix of loyal fans and Newbies. New comers to the sport of MMA don't have an understanding of a fighters past accomplishment, so they pick and choose a fighter based solely on hype. And since every promoter claims their own fighter to be the best in the world, Coin Toss Fans change their minds often.
(Coin Toss Fan) I love Chuck Liddell! No now I love Randy Couture! Who's the champ now? Yeah, now I love Him/Her more!! I'm such a loser of a fan!
by Russell Sheppard March 03, 2008

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