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114 definitions by Russell Sheppard

Pronounced (Ji-Ness). Is another term for a woman's vagina. Can be used in both Past, and present Tense.
C'mon baby, let me see that Gynis! Let that slit breath!
by Russell Sheppard March 11, 2008
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BDLD (Big Dog, Little Dog) is when two completely different types of personal demeanors (Personality's) hangout. Example: A Large, Quite Man, hangout with a Hyperactive, Skinny friend. A very Shy boyfriend, being with a very Outgoing girlfriend. Big Dog, Little Dog doesn't necessarily refer to size, just Personality.
The term comes from the idea of older cartoons where a Tiny, Hyperactive Mutt, would jump around a very Calm Pitbull-Type dog as they walked down the street. Hence Big Dog, Little Dog.
(Person 1) Man, I don't know if I can be with my girlfriend anymore. She wants to talk all of the freakin' time and I just want to sit and watch TV. (Person 2) Yeah, you make BDLD couple. But if I was you I would stay with her, she is hot! (Person 1) Your right but damn is she annoying!
by Russell Sheppard March 06, 2008
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1. Poorly constructed breasts implants. 2. Implants that are too large for that persons body type.
Some of these chicks are really messed up. They go from nice little round boobs to Crude Melon's .
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007
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1. A Geek who doesn't look like a geek, but more of an athlete. 2. Someone who loves to take part in StarTrec and Star Wars conventions but just doesn't fit in due to their aggressive look and build. 3. A nerd that can not be pushed around.
I have a Power Geek friend at school, but no one messes with him because he would demolish them for trying!
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007
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Bitpim is a little know and free piece of software that allows people that own CDMA phones to hack and alter them. In the USA, Verizon, Sprint, And Alltel all use CDMA. Verizon being the most restrictive of all wireless carriers. Verizon tends to lock-out features and force customers into buying their own overpriced content ONLY. So by using Bitpim a customer can then create and transfer custom Wallpaper, Ringtones, Screen Savers, ect. The software can also be used to back-up content, even software applications; including games. There is also a number of Hacks that can be preformed using this software.
If I didn't have Bitpim, I couldn't use Verizon Wireless. They are just way too strict and way too money hungry!
by Russell Sheppard July 31, 2008
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ANUS over ASS is the --Idea-- that the word "Anus" is funnier then the swear word "Ass." Even though the word Ass is considered rude, and the word Anus is a medical term.
"An Example of the ANUS over ASS Idea. Notice both sentences are almost completely the same, but Anus just adds a funnier image to the idea."

(Two men shouting at a woman walking down the street)

(Man 1) Damn baby, that big swollen Ass is driving me crazy!
(Man 2) Damn baby, that big swollen Anus is driving me crazy!
by Russell Sheppard July 27, 2008
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1. A Non-Medical term that refers to an excessive amount of male Smegma that accumulates, resulting in a Flower-Like appearance when the Foreskin is pulled back. 2. A term no one actually uses but sounds funny.
I gave my girlfriend a rose of Smegmous Alagentous. She didn't think it was funny.
by Russell Sheppard February 29, 2008
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