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The term is used to describe women with very LONG feet. Paris Hilton wears a size 11 shoe, despite only being 5' 8" tall. So along with being as ugly as ugly can possibly get, Paris Hilton has freakish large feet for someone her size. Long feet aren't ugly per say, but they are ugly on Paris Hilton.
I think a woman's feet are sexy, but damn you have a bad case of Paris Feet! I bet a 5 ton truck couldn't knock you off of those giant feet!
by Russell Sheppard July 28, 2008
Youtube Pic Clippers are a type of Youtube user that Do Not create and post true videos; but rather post stupid Picture Slide-Shows. This type of post wouldn't be so bad on an Image related web site, but the entire purpose of Youtube is the Posting & Watching of (VIDEOS). So these types of videos just end up misleading people into watching pointless junk. Some Slide-Shows are as small as 3 Images, cycled over and over again, for up to several minutes.
Oh man I saw this icon for a hot ass clip with Vanessa Lengies in it, but it ended up being another stupid Slide-Show! My hopes bashed yet again because Youtube is saturated with lazy Youtube Pic Clippers....
by Russell Sheppard July 27, 2008
A girlfriend that looks for any reason to slap someone; mainly her boyfriend.
(Girlfriend)-- (Action, SLAPS!)-- her boyfriend in his face. (Boyfriend) What the hell was that for?! (Girlfriend) That was for using your eye sight to navigate your surroundings! (Boyfriend) Baby, why are you being a Bully Bitch? That's the 15th time today. (Girlfriend) SLAP! That is for pointing out my repeated and unnecessary slapping's! (Boyfriend) This stopped being erotic a year ago...
by Russell Sheppard March 16, 2008
1. A White man or woman that so desperately wants to be Black, that they only date Black men and women, and speak Ebonics. Also known as a Poser.
I saw this hot ass white chick at the club last night, but she said I was too white for her. I hate Juwanna Black chicks!
by Russell Sheppard March 03, 2008
A Shit Bullet is a piece of poo poo that shoots out of your anus with such force, that is splashes dirty toilet water all over your butt and even onto the bathroom floor. These tend to be small pieces that can slip out with a lot of force.
(Man 1) Hey man, I need some bleach and an old towel. (Man 2) Why? (Man 1) Because I just shot out a Shit Bullet and now there is shit all over the floor and mirror. (Man 2) Damn it dude! Every time you come over here you leave me with that same nasty surprise! Have you ever thought about eating something called FRUIT?! Or something with Fiber in it?
by Russell Sheppard August 02, 2008
"Asian Fakies" are a very rare type of model And/Or adult film star that is both Asian and has breast implants. Asian women normally do not get such enhancements, so Asian Fakies are not very common. But this makes them more unique. Examples of Asian Fakies include Francine Dee, Minka, Lena Li and Sakura Sena.
It's weird; I'm not always into breasts implants, but I have not yet seen any Asian Fakies that I did not like. It's just so rare that it's sexy on a whole different level!
by Russell Sheppard August 01, 2008
Clay Legs come about when a woman with very tan legs uses excessive amounts of lotion; which creates a shiny Clay look to her legs. This look is considered to be a fetish for some people.
I hate watching the news, but I watch CNN in the morning just to see Robin Meade's Clay Legs!
by Russell Sheppard July 31, 2008

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