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1. Windows Vista is a horrible new Operating system made by Microsoft to replace XP. Technically an upgrade from Windows 2003 and WinME. Codenamed Longhorn, the OS took 5 years to create and did not live up to the hype set by Microsoft. The OS was suppose to be a completely new OS, with groundbreaking features. Most of the new features that were added have caused the system to be less user friendly. Case in point the new security feature, which pops up a menu that freezes everything in the background, asking for the user to Deny or Allow a change in the settings or software Install/Uninstall. This window will come up contently, causing the user frustration. The new security features have also allowed hackers to make new viruses and other malware for the OS, even though Microsoft claimed that hackers would find it difficult to do so. Users have also had trouble finding the correct drivers for old and new hardware. If these weren't bad enough, users have also had problems with using DRM content like music and movies, due to stricter licensing terms. Many companies like Dell and HP started selling Vista-Only machines, but retracted this practice slightly after receiving numerous complaints from potential customers seeking to buy XP machines instead. It is still not possible to find a cheap, AMD-XP system with Dell; since they have almost completely phased out XP in favor of Vista. AMD being the cheaper system when compared to Intel.
I hate Windows Vista so much that I had to buy an XP-Apple machine instead! I feel dirty now...
by Russell Sheppard March 03, 2008
Simply means a woman's pussy that looks like it was hit with a Firetruck.
Paris Hilton has the worst Firetruck Pussy I have ever seen! Her up skirt photos made one of my teeth fall out!
by Russell Sheppard March 11, 2008
A lame, generic person that has no thoughts of their own, so they conform to a trend. Examples; 5 classifications. 1. A Civic- A person that buys only Import cars, tricks the car out the same way, listens to nothing but Rap music, blasts the bass too loud, and speaks with Ebonics. 2 A Gothhead- A person that listens to nothing but Metal & Goth music, smokes heavily, makes rude comments, treats others with disrespect, and is an Atheist. 3. A White Poser- A White male or female that follows all trends that deal with the Black culture. Listens to nothing but Rap music, speaks in broken English, dresses like a thug, and drives a tricked-out car.4. A Paris Hilton- A person that acts better then everyone else because they have money. Speaks in a very clean, but goofy American accent. Drives Cadillac's and Lexus's only, and excessively shops and spends money. 5. A Redneck- A person that speaks with a broken, Southern accent. Drives Ford & Chevy trucks. Hunts & Fishes. Listens to only Country music. Ignorant to other race, sexual, and Non-Christian issues.(A Redneck is not the same as a Southern person. A Redneck is Ignorant to anything but White issues. Often times Raciest and Homophobic) Trend Followers are also know as "Sheep" and "Conformers."
It is sad that Trend Followers make all of us look bad. They are just basic, generic, stereotypes.
by Russell Sheppard March 03, 2008
1. Eating a woman's pussy until she can no longer produce female lubricant.
She made me stop pleasuring her after she was Eaten Clean .
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007
A "Republican Conveyor Press system" refers to the idea that almost all Republican politicians are made the same. So being that they are so much alike, finding a new Republican politician is as easy as sorting through a Conveyor system; much like that found at a Dry Cleaners. This system is fictional; it is more of an Idea then a real system. The fact that Republican politicians tend to Look, Sound and Act the same; as well as share almost identical outdated conservative views; creates the Idea that if a Republican politician dies, you can just pull another one off of the line and not have to worry about any changes to the overall political system. An argument can be made that the Democrats could have their own Conveyor Press System, but since Democrats tend to have views that are considered to be Out-Side-Of-The-Box, a Democratic stereotype isn't that easy to define. Republican's tend to be Rich, White, Christian, Males; with unjustified fears against Immigration and Same-Sex Marriages.
(Man 1) Oh my God! John McCain died last night! What are we going to do now?! (Man 2) Relax, just pull another politician off of the Republican Conveyor Press System. They are all pretty much the same. The public won't notice the difference.
by Russell Sheppard July 31, 2008
This is a view that is held by many women that a man should be able to mind read their girlfriends thoughts. This is a major cause of many arguments between couples, because a woman often thinks she should shouldn't have to say anything and her boyfriend should just be able to understand her emotions or problems.
(Boyfriend) Where would you like to go tonight? (Girlfriend) The movies would be fun. (Boyfriend) What would you like to see? (Girlfriend) Let's see The Goonies. (Boyfriend) So how did you like the movie? (Girlfriend) Why did we have to see The Goonies? (Boyfriend) That's what you said you wanted to see! (Girlfriend) You should have known I didn't want to see some kids movie, I wanted to see something romantic. (Boyfriend) Then why didn't you say that before? (Girlfriend) I shouldn't have to, your my boyfriend, you should know by now what I want to see. (Boyfriend) I'm not a Psychic Boyfriend you know! So I guess were going to fight about this right? (Girlfriend) Ohh yeah!
by Russell Sheppard March 06, 2008

A Republican Race-Betrayer is the very rare Phenomenon in which a Black or Hispanic man or woman chooses to be a Republican over being a Democrat or independent. 95% of the time Republican's are White-Christian males and females with a very limited understanding for anyone who is Non-White or Non-Christian. So anyone that comes from a Non-White ethnic background, who chooses to be a Republican, is often times viewed by persons from their own culture as being a Race-Betrayer. The Republican party was started in the mid 1800's, where slavery was a common practice. This does not imply that all Republican's are racist. But current out spoken Republican's like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter; have done little to dispel the idea of conservatives being only for the support of White-Christian's, instead of an "ALL PEOPLE'S" acceptance model. As America has grown to include people from all different races and belief systems, the Republican party has remained almost unchanged in their views of others. This in the face that Caucasians are becoming less of the majority and more of the minority race in America. So Race-Betrayers, especially is predominantly Non-White areas of the USA, are viewed in a very negative light. The support of a political party, while not always looked at as being relevant to true change, is still viewed as the only way to bring about change. So the support of a political party like the Republican's, that have a very ify record of including people from all walks-of-life, by those very people who are NOT included in it, are then by all accounts a Race-Betrayer.
I could live to be a 1000 years old and still not understand the mindset of Republican Race-Betrayers. A Black man supporting the Republican party is like PETA supporting the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. It's doesn't further any of that person's human rights.
by Russell Sheppard April 05, 2008

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